Friday, May 21, 2010

Episode Nine

Two Married Geeks: Episode Nine: After regeneration, a new face and sonic screwdriver.

Here we have the re-invented "Two Married Geeks." El and Chris have decided that instead of continuing with the prior format, it's time to move into territory not covered by Are You Serious? Mainly, this show will focus on some movies, but mostly television. What kind of shows you ask? Doctor Who and when it starts up again in a few weeks, Futurama. More will be added as time goes on, but all the regular shows just had their season enders, so....

In this episode, Chris and El review Shrek Forever After and attempt to take on the most recent season of Doctor Who right up to Vampires of Venice. The Shrek review is spoiler free, but the Doctor Who talk isn't, so be warned.

Music this week is from:

Letters to Cleo - Here and Now

They Might Be Giants - Experimental Film

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