Saturday, September 5, 2009

Two Married Geeks Episode Three:

Hello everyone, Chris and El are back for another episode of Two Married Geeks.

This time, in honor of the start of the new school year, they discuss back to school concerns and how to overcome them. Cliques can be a difficult thing to deal with, whether you are in one or are the target of one. Chris and El offer some advice on how to look at the situation and how much it really matters in the grand scheme of things. College and work environments play more into the high school clique pattern that you would have ever guessed.

The second topic they discuss is what to expect from a date and what you are looking for in a date. There is a certain point in the show where you can tell, even though the hosts have been mainlining coffee for the last three hours, nothing can stop the need for sleep. Sure it veers off into tangent country, but at least it's entertaining!

Music this week is from
Robert Palmer - "Addicted to Love"
Social Distortion - "Ring of Fire" (live at the Roxy)
Lick the Tins - "Can't Help Falling in Love 12" extended version"

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If you are concerned about people finding out who you are, don't worry...
To quote Janine from Ghostbusters, "Oh, they'll be totally discreet."

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